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TEXT: Psalm 18:1-19.

                The intention of this message is to make us to agonize in prayer for deliverance from any form of tight spot in our individual lives and the collective tight spot that COVID-19 has brought on us at this time. This was planned for last week Wednesday on Mixlr but was hampered by poor network. As we pray, stunning testimonies of answered prayers shall follow in Jesus name in Jesus name.

The word tight in this context speaks of being strongly fixed or held such that little or no room is allowed for free motion or movement. In another sense, it suggests a state of danger in which deliverance is relatively difficult to obtain. This may be due to the number or the size of the enemies that come around. It also means a situation that is difficult to cope with. Tight spot therefore limits freedom and opportunity; what can be done per time. Several things can be responsible for tight spot, such as sickness, financial incapability, family background, plague, enemies attack, etc. With COVID-19, the entire world right now is in a tight spot. It is the current and collective global problem at this time and only few countries have been able to come out of it. Whatever may represent tight spot in our families and individual lives, God is able to deliver us from them. As I was pondering about which of the names of God spells deliverance, I recalled that is exactly what the name Jesus means. It is derived from the Hebrew name “Yeshua” meaning to deliver or to rescue. Thus the name Jesus means God saves or God who is our deliverer. As we apply or call on that name today and after today, may we experience deliverance from any form of tight spot in our lives and homes in Jesus Christ’s name


                We read from the book of Psalm. One of the beauties of the book of Psalm is that it captured all human feelings and emotions. No matter how deep the pain anyone can feel, how great the frustration or exhilarating the joy, we can find a Psalm which echoes our feeling or inmost being. This may be the reason why the book of Psalm is the delight of many people to read including the unbelievers. Some mistook it for a book of magic, laying their heads on an open page of it for protection as they sleep. But the word of God does not work that way. One has to read, meditate and put faith in God through His Word for it to work. Psalm 18 expressed the feeling of danger by the writer and the subsequent deliverance and gratitude. This should give us the assurance that there will be an end to any problem that may come our way individually or collectively including COVID-19.


                Psalm 18 is a song expressing the faith of the writer in the face of serious trouble and gratitude for God’s deliverance. This song appeared twice in the Old Testament, first in II Samuel 22 and in this text. In the two places, it is attributed to the sweet singer of Israel called David. This prompts a declaration from me that no matter what is going on now in your life, you will also sing at last. It shall be a song of gratitude to God for victory and not a dirge or lamentation in Jesus’ name. In this text, David outlined the tales of his life. He was hunted by many enemies, both within and without, beginning from Saul, ever before he (David) came to the throne. He was harassed on the throne by rivals who disputed his authority and even endeavoured to steal away the hearts of some of his people. At a time, he was compelled to flee for his life before his own son. Afterwards, he engaged in fierce and long battles with foreign enemies. Among the enemies, there were those very simple for him to handle and there were those too strong for him to handle (v.17). However, with the help of God, he conquered them all. May you also be victorious in all your battles in Jesus’ name.


David began by giving the characteristics of God who delivers and He used different metaphors to describe Him:

  1. A Rock: – Symbol of stability and security. David used the word  rock to refer to God about twenty times in the book of Psalms among which we have three in Psalm 18(vv.2 & 31)
  2. Fortress: – a cliff where he could hide from storm-like situation.
  3. Shield/Stronghold: – a military term for deliverance / protection. In the ancient Rome, a shield was about 5 feet high and could protect the body up to the eye.
  4. Horn: – signaling unbeatable strength.

In verse two, David said “my God”. It means He was not talking about human deliverer. He knew it takes God to be saved from a stronger enemy. We also need the help of God to be totally free from COVID-19 and other problems of our lives. All the above descriptions showed David’s trust in God and His ability to handle situations and events. How each of us also sees God will determine the level of peace we will enjoy in a trying situation and victory we may enjoy at last.


David in vv.3-4 described the seriousness of his situation and the urgency of his need for deliverance with words such as “cord or hook of death”, “torrents of water” (v.4) and snares of sheol (v. 5). Perdition or Belial was the name in Hebrew given to the type of currents or torrents mentioned in v. 4. It was the name of the god of deliberate and wanton destruction.  David pictured himself being tied up with cords or being drowned in torrents of water and like an animal trapped in a hunter’s snare. All these spoke of potential danger of death and destruction around him. In such a desperate situation, he had no recourse but to cry to Yahweh for intervention (vv.3a & 6a). We need to note that his description of God’s abilities (vv.1-2) comes ahead of his description of the potential danger around him. We therefore need to learn from David that whenever we find ourselves in a tight spot, we should put God and His abilities ahead of our conception of the problem or the abilities of the enemy.


God heard David and intervened for him. Yahweh’s intervention or His coming down to rescue His children at any time and under any circumstance is not a light thing. It can be wonderful, terrible and paralyzing. In this case, He engaged different elements such as earthquakes, smoke, devouring fire, hailstones, arrows, lightning and thunder. He is a mighty God who has all elements at His disposal to rescue His children from the tight spot into which the enemies may have put them. Like God shook the foundation of the mountains (v.7), may the root of every problem in every life and family be exposed and dealt with including COVID-19 in Jesus’ name.

DELIVERANCE  AND  GRATITUDE – vv.16-19, 31-32, 46-48.

                Yahweh moved rapidly to favour and deliver David. He snatched and drew him out of the flooding waters. When the enemies who were stronger than David matched against him, Yahweh literally brought him forth from the tight spot to a broad and spacious place vv.16-17. Yahweh at that moment was a strong Staff, a Solid rock, a Fortress, a Shield and a Horn to David. Whenever God intervenes, whatsoever is the reason for His coming loses its legal ground and can no longer stand. The situation of whom He intervenes cannot remain the same. Thus, David moved from distress and depression to gratitude (vv. 31-32, 46-48). The entire Psalm 18 is David’s song of praise and gratitude to God for deliverance from the enemies that were too strong for him to handle; a release from a tight spot to a broad space. May the Lord do the same in our individual and collective situations.  May we sing a song of victory at last in Jesus name.

CONCLUSION: – What is found in Psalm 18 does not imply a single delivery or just one particular victory in the life of David but Yahweh’s collective deliverance and vindication of David. No matter the number of your own enemies and the size of  their strength, God is able to deliver you as well, if you can believe in His ability and call upon His name. David said God delivered him because He delighted in Him (v.19). God does not delight in a sinner. Therefore if a sinner wants God to take delight in delivering him like He did for David, he must repent of his sins and accept Jesus Christ into his own life. Today is another opportunity to take such a decision.


  1. Sing this song: That Wonderful name Jesus/3x. There is no other name I know.
  2. Start worshiping God whose name caries maximum authority and does wonders.
  3. Bless and worship Him who is a Rock, a Fortress, a Refuge-place, a Shield, a Stronghold, a Horn. Try to personalize each of  the mentioned characteristics of God, e.g. My strength, my Stone-shelter, my Fortress etc.
  4. Thank God for the various ways He has manifested Himself in the form of the above mentioned characteristics in your life in the past.
  5. a. Confess any known sin that can hinder your prayer from being answered.
  6. Say, Lord, as I pray let it please you to deliver me from a tight spot of my life and to take me to a broad space.
  7. a. Sing this song: Arise O Lord, Let the enemies be scattered /3x Arise, O Lord  Arise.
  8. Pray and ask God to bow the heavens (vs9) again like He did in the case of David, and come down to rescue and grant us the lasting solution that we need over COVID 19 in Jesus name.
  9. Issue a command in the maximum name called Jesus, to the siege of COVID 19 to stop across the globe.
  10. Ask God to shoot His arrows again and scatter (v. 14a)  all that needed to be scattered to give you peace and lasting victory over any particular issue of concern in your life, family or career.
  11. a. Ask God to deliver you from the god of deliberate and wanton destruction that is currently  ravaging the nations of the world .
  12. Ask God to deliver you from lamentation and that COVID 19 will not bring lamentation into your family in Jesus name.
  13. Cord of death (v 4a): Pray that any attempt to drag you into the grave before your time should fail in Jesus name.
  14. a. Pray against a” deep currents or torrents” (v 4b) meaning running flow of evil and that it shall not prevail over your family.
  15. Issue a command in Jesus name to stop  any “ continuous running water” or negativity that may have  become a continuous experience in your life .
  16. Ask God to take you to a broad space like He did for David.
  17. a. Sing “Rock of Ages Cleft for me
  18. Ask God to keep you and your family safe and that the rod of the wicked ones will not rest on you and anyone in your family.

c.”O Lord my strength’ (v.1): according to David God is a strength giver. Ask God to strengthen you spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially and in other ways that you need His strength for accomplishment.

  1. Thank God for answered prayer.

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