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EASTER SUNDAY SERMON FOR TODAY, 12/04/2020- By: Rev. J.A Abegunde

TEXT: LUKE 24:13-27

Today is Easter Sunday, a celebration of the return of Jesus Christ to life after death which is the basis of our faith as Christians. The good news of Christianity is that we are serving a living God. No one is a Christian, if he/she fails to believe in a risen Lord. The first Easter day was the very Sunday He arose from the grave. The event of His resurrection was a game changer that shifted the day of worship for the early Christians from Saturday to Sunday in honour of the risen Lord. No sooner had the Savior arose from the dead than He became a guest, paying visit to disciples.

The disciples could not believe how their Master, a man with authority and power to heal the sick and raise the dead could be brutally dealt with on Friday by the religious leaders and died an ignominious death. They all went into hiding, gripped with fear of the authority that condemned their Master to death(Jn.20:19). Their emotional state was that of bewilderment, confusion and hopelessness. Meanwhile, the Lord had risen on the first day of the week as He had promised –Lk. 24:1-2

The women that went to anoint the Lord’s body on Sunday met empty tomb which is the greatest discovery in history (Lk. 24:1-2). There had never been such a miracle and it cannot be repeated. The disciples however fell into the greatest tragedy for failing to believe the report of their Master’s resurrection as reported by the women( Lk.24:8-12). For us today, we should strive not to fall into that tragedy. Everyone must discover the fact for himself/herself. The risen Lord must become each individual’s personal experience to overcome bewilderment and confusion in the world.

Emmaus Disciples ( Lk. 24:18-24): They probably were leaving Jesus’ company in Jerusalem for their hometown Emmaus, as a result of the death of their Master. They were men whose hope and dreams were dead and buried. May the power aimed at sinking your dream die for your sake by the power of Christ’s resurrection. The more they discussed about the incident of Christ’s death, the more the answer they felt they needed eluded them. Thus their emotion was that of grief, disappointment and confusion.

Eyes Fastened (Lk. 24:16): Their eyes was said to be fastened temporarily by their Master to prevent them from recognizing Him. There are people whose eyes are fastened by the devil and no one whose eyes are fastened can see clearly. May God give us eyes that see in every trying situation and circumstance to fulfill purpose and destiny.

The World Today: The world today is not different from the state which the disciples were thrown as a result of the lack of faith in the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is confusion, hopelessness, bewilderment in the world today. Families, individual and the world at large need the visitation of the risen Lord to enjoy peace.

Jesus Christ is the great visitor of all generation. No matter the condition of His children, the Saviour of the world cannot abandon His children. As soon as He rose from the grave, the risen Lord became a visitor like God did for Adam and eve in the Garden of Eden. The Bible records instances of His appearances both the day He rose and some days after. He is the visitor the world at this time needs. He identified with the two disciples on Emmaus road. He attended to their questions and rebuked their dullness of heart. He has answers to all our questions and solutions to every problem we are faced with including COVID-19. From His appearance to two disciples, we can discover the following:
He is a hope restorer( Lk.24:30-35).
Patient and great teacher to listen to(Lk. 24:25-27).
Does not leave any situation the way He met it (Lk. 24:32).

From other appearances and visits, we can deduce the following benefits;
Testimony of faithful service to emulate – Jn. 20:25; Luke 24:38-39.

Good news of our justification – Rom. 4:25.
Testimony of victory for us to appropriate – 1 Cor. 15:55.

Hope of eternal life.
Assignment for us to carry out – Luke 24:33-34.Mtt.28:16-20

We must be grounded in the knowledge of the risen Lord.
Live a life of His resurrection power – Gal. 2:20; Luke 9:23.
Treat every person that you meet or comes your way very well – Luke 24:29.
Share your problems with the guest – Luke 24:19-24.
Don’t just believe in His death, believe in His resurrection. The two formed the gospel.
Share the good news of the risen Lord.- Lk. 24:3 -35

The risen Lord is the great visitor we all need. However, He never enters a life or home without invitation. The two disciples gave him an invitation to enter their house before He did. It made them to know him personally and to enjoy His hospitality even in their own house as He shared the communion with them ( Lk. 24:28-32). Like the common saying, “be my guest”, we can equally invite Him to our lives and situation to be our guest. We will also experience His hospitality. He is a game changer can bring the much needed change in our situations.



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