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TEXT: II KINGS 6:24-7:2.
Eye is an essential part of human body that helps an individual to see or gain sight of something physically. It is the faculty of seeing or power of sight. Sight therefore speaks of being able to see or notice something. Many a time we do not value our eyes until there is a little impairment. This also applies in spiritual things; a loss of spiritual eye leads to a loss of spiritual sight and it is very dangerous thing to happen to a child of God. It can further lead to series of physical problems. Eye for sight in the context of this message therefore means eye to see through the impossible. We need eye to see so that we will not end up concluding wrongly in a difficult situation or seemingly impossible circumstance of life.
There is no life without a time of trouble. The reality of trouble is what Jesus, our Master painted in John 16:33. This can come in many forms including persecution of our faith. Trouble times showed up in Israel in the Bible times in many forms such as in the form of siege which sometimes resulted in slavery and captivity with lamentation, war, plague, famine and others. A prolong of any of such trouble often led to a tough time for the Israelites. Presently, we are also going through a tough time as a result of the pandemic called COVID-19.
The siege laid on Samaria by the Arameans (Syrians) was responsible for the trouble read in our text. The passage begins with “afterwards” which supposed that for a better understanding, we need to read what comes before. What went before begins from chapter 6:8ff. There was the initial plan or attempt of war against Israel by the Syrians which was thwarted by Prophet Eliza, who exposed every secret plan of the Syrian king to the king of Israel (6:10). In reaction, the king of Syria sent a strong group of soldiers as raids to capture Eliza in Dothan. The raids were rendered in a state of partial blindness by Eliza who led them to the king in Samaria as captives. The king of Samaria would have killed the raids but for the pleading of Eliza, he spared them, sent them back to their land after giving them food and that ended the war that would have erupted.
However, after the passage of time the Syrian king mustered his entire army (v.24) and besieged Samaria. The siege lasted a longer time such that all food supplies were exhausted and famine resulted. It was an extreme situation that made people to eat forbidden foods including ass head and excrement of dove bought at exorbitant prices. These were unclean and unpalatable food for the Israelites but they had no option. May such a time never arise in your own life. At this difficult time in the land caused by COVID-19, may you have more than enough to eat with opportunity for choice making. The worst of it all was the practice of cannibalism which generated a controversy between two women (vs. 26-30), reported to the king by one of them.
Tough time is a reality of life even in homes, individual lives, churches, etc. However in times of trouble we must avoid blame game. The king blamed Eliza for the siege and the attendant difficulties. His displeasure seemed to have no foundation; perhaps he felt if he had been allowed to kill the raids that Eliza pleaded for the other time the siege would not have erupted.
Blame game is not limited to the king of Samaria. It is an experience sometimes between husband and wife, friends, in the church, nation, etc. China is blamed for the pandemic and recently we learnt some Chinese were blaming it on black Africans to a point of trying to evict the blacks in certain part of China. The stage at which the pandemic is right now does not call for blame game. Each country and each state must look for a solution to it for her people. In the home, we must not spend time blaming one another but rather look for a solution to any problem that arises. Blame game delays action towards solution. No one can beat the devil to it. It gives him ample opportunity to destroy destinies of matrimonial homes.
In times of siege / plague, God’s children are under their Father’s protection. This is revealed in the experience of Eliza’s servant following his master’s prayer that God should open his eyes to see. The panicking servant saw that the hill was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Eliza (6:17); the prophet was being guarded by an angelic army. Eliza said that “those who are with us are more than those who are with them” v.14. The statement has reference to the reality of though the unseen but actual spiritual forces available not only to the prophetic community but equally to every man of faith.
Caution: – God’s children are under their heavenly Father’s protection but that does not suggest careless living. They have to be very careful of what they do, where they go and who they relate with. They should take instructions from their Father through His word lest they go out of His protection. This also applies to us at this time when the government is relaxing the lockdown. We will be free to go to places of our own interest within the stipulated time. However, the fact that you don’t know the status of people you may meet calls for taking necessary precautions.
The king blamed Eliza for the trouble in the land. Rather than joining the king in the blame game, Eliza promised a dramatic turn within a day with prices tumbling on Samaria exchange back to normal even to absurdly low level.
Blindness of an Officer: – An officer or the king’s right hand man disbelieved the prophet. The certainty of his unbelievable assertion was grounded in the fact that the prediction of an end to the siege by Eliza was hinged on the word from the Lord (7:2). So, if the word was said to be from a man he would have believed. What a stark blindness! He belonged to covenant people who had been taught to take the word of God and that of His prophet seriously, yet he doubted. A true prophet does not speak of his own volition but what he hears from God. More so, Eliza was a prophet of national prominence and integrity in Israel who also continued the prophetic renewal that began with Elijah on Mount Carmel (1 Kings 18:16-45) yet this officer doubted his prophecy. He enjoyed God’s favor to have been promoted as an officer of the king, yet he doubted the word of the king of kings through His prophet. No matter the level of lifting we enjoy in life that makes people to respect us, God is the reason behind it and deserves to be honoured. We must not equate ourselves with God to a point we find it difficult to bow to His word and people that are placed over us by God himself as spiritual leaders.
Judgement: – This man lacked an eye for sight and was judged for it (2 Kings. 7:2 & 17). God’s word cannot fall to the ground. Whenever He speaks it is done (Ps.33:6 & 9). There is no impossibility with God (Lk. 1:37, Gen. 18:14). We only need to ask for an eye that sees through the impossible. To a man with an ordinary eye, a change to the situation in Samaria was impossibility but in the realm of the supernatural from which the prophet spoke, nothing is too difficult for God to handle.
Faith: – Faith is the eye for sight. This refers to faith that has Jesus Christ as its object and not man. Faith was also the eye of all those heroes that are listed in the hall of fame in Hebrews 11. Each of us too must seek to nurture his or her faith in the Lord with the word. Faith that grows is nurtured with the word of God.
Prayer: – Prayer nurtures faith that gives sight. We must learn to water our faith with daily prayer.
Positive Declaration: – Exercise faith in all you do or attempt to do. Declare what you believe in the Lord. Quote relevant words of God supported with corresponding actions in the face of seemingly hopeless circumstance of life.
Believe that God is in control of your life and any situation that may arise in your life, home career, etc. He will definitely give us an end to COVID-19 and any other trouble we may be facing.
Learn to take matters to the realm of the supernatural like Eliza.
Avoid blame game at home, at work, etc. It is a game of destruction and you cannot beat the devil to it.
Learn to take the Word of God as the Word of God. Take time to read it. Feed the real man in you with the Word of God especially at this difficult time. You will receive strength and revelation that may last you a lifetime or give solution to your age long problem.
Don’t lose your guard even with the relaxation of lockdown by the government. You are not sure of the status of other people you will go out to meet.
CONCLUSION: – Who told you that the unpalatable situation of your life or home cannot shift? Your God is a shifter of mountains. He is also an ocean divider. He gave life back to the dead. Therefore learn to overcome fear which is the enemy of eye for sight. The four lepers in 2 Kings 7:3-9 conquered fear and ended up in a state of revelry that they also shared with other people. May the Holy Spirit also give you the eye that sees through the impossible that will take you to a realm of rendezvous.

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