Important Information (Announcement)

**All our weekly activities are suspended for this week.** The Witnessing training course that planned to begin on the 22nd Of March 2020 has been suspended till further notice.** In addition, let us follow the counsel from health
workers on how to protect ourselves from the pandemic.**Regularly wash your hands with soap under
running water**Disinfect your abode with chlorinated water
especially around objects frequently touched e.g. door handles**Use alcohol based hand sanitisers with at least 70%
alcohol volume to rub your hands**Limit physical contact with people**Shield yourself by use of nose mask**Cover your nose while sneezing with disposable
handkerchiefs to protect others**Exercise faith in the efficacy of the blood of Jesus
both for protection and healing.** Let us support the ongoing construction work at the
convention ground along Lagos Ibadan road. The minimum is
N1,000 per member. Drop your own with Mrs/ Jumoke Fajumo.


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    […] Also, make sure you follow the instructions of the health workers for more on the instructions just click here […]

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