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MARCH 22nd , 2020

TOPIC: Overcoming the Scourge of Covid 19 through the blood of the lamb

Text: Exodus 12:12, 1 Chronicles 21:14-17

Preacher: Rev’d J.A. Abegunde

Covid 19 is a scourge because it is an agent of destruction, a whip for punishment.

Covid 19 is so serious and very intimidating, it has demobilized the whole world. Because of Covid 19 big cities in Europe are getting empty,it has also shutdown the Economy, School, Churches, Mosque of nations.

Nigeria is not left out as it has reached Ogun, Oyo, Ekiti, Edo, and FCT.

This is a time to activate the power of the blood of Jesus for victory over Covid 19. We should address God who can handle the Virus.

  • The scourge can be traced to our sin as it can never be traced to God
  • This is an indication that we are very close to the end of the world (Romans 8) let’s brace up, let us long for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • The blood of Jesus is our spiritual Vaccine against Covid 19…. It’s our power to knock it out not only in Nigeria but even in the whole world. 2 Samuel 24:21

Satan is behind evil that we see in this world, but satan cannot penetrate if not given a chance.

Rev’d J.A. Abegunde

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