TEXT: REV 5:2-14


Thanks be to God for bringing us to the month of April which comes yearly with the mandate of victory, being the month of the resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ. Last month, it was a month of honour and elevation. Truly, God has been faithful to us: He  honoured us in many aspects particularly with protection in the midst of dangers, and life in the face of death. Glory be to His name

This month is declared as a month of triumph for us. To triumph means to prevail. It is characterized with joy of victory won over a foreign enemy and usually followed with songs and ovation. This month and by the power of Christ’s resurrection the enemy will be defeated for your sake and you will sing with a loud ovation. Triumph also speaks of notable success in a struggle or endeavor against all odds and difficulties. You are billed for success this month and your testimony shall be victory at last in the area of your struggle or that of your family in Jesus name.

Revelation 12, though points to a future event yet it connects us to victory and triumph wrought for us in the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. The victory is available for us to activate and appropriate particularly in the face of what we are experiencing now globally. John, in the text, found himself in a state of despair by a challenge that appeared no one in heaven and on earth could tackle. A challenge without solution in sight always suggests defeat, disasters and hopelessness .Thus John wept bitterly ( v. 4). Today when people found themselves in a seemingly hopeless situation, they result to all sorts of negative statements against themselves, some attempt suicide. But no child of God is helpless with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Every issue that has made you to shed tears will bow this month by the authority of the power of Christ’s resurrection and you will have victory over them all in Jesus name.

God intervened and had provided the answer to the challenge bothered John in His Son Jesus Christ the Lamb of God. Jesus wrought victory over the challenge (opened the scroll or the book of destiny that Satan expected to remain closed eternally). This was followed with a loud ovation, praise and worship. He prevailed through His death and resurrection. The word “prevailed” speaks of victory that involved engaging in a serious battle.  Thus he conquered sin, death, Satan and his work, rules and authority, hell, sickness, curse e.t.c. His title “Lion of Judah” shows He is the strongest and most powerful One. We therefore have the strongest one backing us in the journey of the month of April with the assurance of notable success and victory. Root of David means He is a king that rules over all. John initially did not see or understand this truth which made him to weep in despair, but a discerning elder revealed the answer to him. This month the Holy Spirit will reveal, introduce and usher you to your much needed victory, You will prevail over all that has risen or may rise against you   by the power of His resurrection.Amen


  1. Worship and praise God who is worthy of your worship.
  2. Acknowledge His goodness over your life and family in the last month, especially the gift of life in the face of dangers, sickness, and death e.t.c.
  3. Affirm your faith in the power of His resurrection and ask Him to take you and your family into a covenant of triumph in all areas of your life this month.
  4. Pray that there will be no cause to shed tears this month. All that has caused you to shed tears will bow and all seemingly hopeless situations will receive solution through the blood of the lamb that was slain.
  5. Pray that the blood of Jesus the Lamb that was slain but finally prevailed will insure your body against Covid-19 infection
  6. Pray that the blood of Jesus will flush Covid-19 away in our country and Nigeria will sing a song of victory over Covid-19
  7. Declare triumph and victory over the dragon of sickness, failure, demonic limitation, frustration, disappointment and untimely death in Jesus name
  8. Release the blood of Jesus into the entire month and declare it as a good month and not a bad month for you and your family.
  9. Like the discerning elder revealed the needed answer to John, pray that the Holy Spirit will usher you into your much needed victory and solutions that your situation needs.
  10. Pray for success in all your endeavors this month.
  11. Declare that this month shall be a month of victory with a loud ovation for you and your family.
  12. Sing a song or hymn of victory and triumph through Christ that you know.

Rev’d J.A. Abegunde


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    God Almighty will continue to bless and pour His anointing on you ( Rev.’d Abegunde) in Jesus name.

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