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Re-Opening of Church: Services to resume this Sunday. Checkout guidelines For Members

Re-Opening of Church: Services to resume this Sunday. Checkout guidelines For Members

Following the lifting of the ban on worship centres by the Government, Church services will now resume starting from this Sunday, 7th of June, 2020.

In conjunction with our Church’s health fellowship, preparations have been made so far for the reopening of our Church for services from this Sunday. A guideline has thus been drafted to guide us through the reopening, and all members are enjoined to adhere to it.

The guidelines attached are as follows:

1.With the help of God the main auditorium and all the rooms , the hall,toilets and their surroundings were fumigated yesterday.

2.Materials such as water containers and soap(to be placed at the entrances of the church),sanitizer, tissue papers, hand gloves (for the use of ushers and those in the finance) were also bought.

3.Our services shall be one hour within which 15mins only will be allowed for the summary of the Sunday School lesson.

4.Our two services shall be maintained. The first service will run between 8 & 9am while the second service will run between 9:30 & 10:30am.This will give an allowance of of 30mins in between the two services as recommended by OSCAN.

5. For tomorrow which is Youth Sunday we will have just one service (the youths are not prepared for two services). The time will be between 9 & 10am.

6.People who are 65 years and above and those with underlining ailments such as diabetes, HIV, tuberculosis should stay at home. They can join the service online through the Church’s Facebook, YouTube and mixlr accounts. The three mediums shall be employed beginning from tomorrow’s youth service.

8.Each person coming for service must wear his or her facemask (including children from age seven and above) and be ready to comply with the rules for social distancing and other related ones.

9. Choir robe will not be used for now until further notice.

10.No room for dancing out of where the individual is seated and no room for collection of change. Kindly get your money ready before coming for the service.

11.No feeding of children or distribution of biscuits and the like by their leaders. Only the parents of each child are allowed to handle such in case of any need to do so.

Above all, let us intensify prayer to God for an end to the pandemic soonest in Jesus name.

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