TEXT: Philippians 3:13; Matthew 6:33; Proverbs 3:5-6; 

The journey of another year has begun with hope and aspirations by everyone to be successful. It is also the mind of Jesus Christ our Master and Saviour that His follower should be successful both in kingdom business and personal endeavor. Thus He took time occasionally to teach success principles using different pictures and illustrations. For instance in John 15, He applied an agricultural principle as it associates with fruitfulness . Like a fruit bearing branch of any plant stays grafted to the main stem all year round to be able to produce fruits, each of us must seek to maintain a robust relationship with God this year than the year past(Jn. 5:5).Nourishment that leads to fruitfulness comes from the Word of God. Your level of success, increase and fruitfulness for this year will be determined by the level of your abiding in Christ and His Word. There is the power of unusual increase in the Word of God. Thus your increase will come in the year as the word of God increases in you.

Another success principle many people fail to adhere to is obedience. God associates blessings to the obedience of His children. In most places in the Scripture where Gods children experienced unusual blessings they honoured God by obeying His instructions to the letter. God is ready to bless you as well this year if you can obey him like Abraham, the widow of Zarephath or Joseph the betrothed husband of Mary the mother of Jesus.

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