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[FULL TEXT] EXHORTATION, 29th March, 2020, By Rev. J.A Abegunde


TEXT: Revelation 12:11, Ps. 121:1-8

INTRODUCTION: The essence of today’s service is to pray for God’s intervention on the siege that Satan has laid on humanity at this time called Covid-19. Inviting God into a situation always changes the narratives. Much as we know our God is an interventionist for good, evident in several places in the Bible. For instance, when He intervened for the Israelites in Egypt their story of bondage that lasted for about forty three years changed to freedom and final settlement in Cana land. When God intervened in Samaria the great famine in the besieged city gave way for a new lease of life (2 Kings 6:24-7:20).Last week we referred to COVID-19 as a scourge, a tormentor and agent of destruction. Today, we call it a titanic war. Titanic means something very great in size, force or power. It is titanic in the sense of the magnitude of its effects: shutting down all aspects of human life. It wages war on both the small and the great such that even countries that are known as world powers are still struggling to contain or curtail it. Death tolls and number of the infected persons are on the increase daily. We therefore need God’s intervention.


Satan is behind evil and not God. He has an undefined interest in ruin and destruction right from the beginning (Gen.3:1 ff). Human beings cooperate with him by way of sin and evil actions and the consequences are always disastrous.


COVID-19 shows the extent of our wickedness which is mentioned in Genesis 6:5. If some of what we have heard about the genesis of COVID-19 are true then it is man-made and intentional. Today, the so called world powers are no more relying on guns to carry out war. They talk of chemical or biological warfare which has to do with the use of pathogens or organisms that cause diseases. Thus, they store toxins and infectious agents such as bacteria, viruses and the like to kill and incapacitate fellow human beings as an act of war. In the absence of war, a little mistake with any of those materials can cause an irreparable damage globally. Truly “every inclination of the thought of human heart was evil”. God said it many centuries back and up till today the reality of it continues to stare us in the face. At the root of human calamities therefore is sin and wickedness. Confession of sin and forgiveness are required to enjoy peace and to be free from plaque and disaster (2 Chron.7:14). May this pandemic help us all to trace our steps back to God and start doing what is right to ensure peace in the world.

THE END IS NEAR– 2 Tim. 3:1; Lk. 21:10-11.

The pandemic also points us to the fact that the end is near and we must prepare for the Second Coming of Christ. We need to take our walk with God more serious than ever. With the pandemic and the fear of being infected or possible death people are now seeing their need for God. They pray and call on God for protection. This is right but should not be limited to when there is a challenge. We need God all the times.


Revelation 12:7-17 gives us a picture of titanic war Satan engaged the angels of Sovereign God in heaven. He was overpowered and flushed out of heaven. However, that did not mark the end of the war as he continues it on earth which is also evident in COVID-19 and its effects in our time. In the text,(v.9), Satan is given three titles namely, Great Dragon, Ancient Serpent, and devil indicating his baneful or evil nature; productive of destruction and woe. He is titanic but not formidable according to Revelation 12:11. With God’s help we can overcome his work.


Psalm 121 addresses the issue of ultimate help that terminates problems some of which may seem insurmountable. To the psalmist, God is the source of that help. He is a shade for those who look to Him for help. He keeps His people away from harm and watches over them. Negative stories of life are re-written at God’s intervention. If we can pray sincerely Covid-19 will give way. Answer to difficult problems, a lesson we need to learn from Bartimaeus, is just a call away from a merciful God (Mk. 10:47-52).


  1. Praise and worship God who is an interventionist for good
  2. Visualize the Lord exalted and praise Him
  3. Thank Him for His intervention in the affairs of your life and our nation in the past
  4. Sin is behind the plague (Covid-19) and forgiveness is required to be freed (2 Chro 7:14)
  5. Ask God for forgiveness both personal and cooperate sin e.g. sin of idolatry, wickedness, immorality, unbelief. e.t.c.
  6. Pray that the Mercy of God will offset judgment
  7. Ask God (an interventionist for for good) to intervene and deliver us from the enemy called Covid-19 that is ravaging nations and shutting down nearly everything.
  8. Pray that the edifice of evil put up by Satan to cause pain, grieve and sorrow over nations of the world at this time be pulled down in the name of Jesus.
  9. Pray that the agenda and intention of Satan through Covid-19 be frustrated by the power in the blood of Christ
  10. Pray that joy shall takeover any form of sorrow that Covid-19 has caused in families and nations of the world.
  11. Pray that there shall be no more death or spreading of the virus in Jesus Name. Ask for its total eradication in our country and in the world at large in the mighty name of Jesus.
  12. Healing is part of the character of God and of His Son Jesus Christ. Pray that God by mercy will heal all the people that have been infected (Matt 9:35).
  13. Pray that God will come with at this time with healing in his wing and cause healings and sound health to flow. Mal 4:2
  14. Ask for preservation of your life and family members throughout the time the plague may last
  15. Give Covid-19 an ultimatum, the time it must end totally in Nigeria and nations of the world.
  16. Jesus is a yoke breaker (Isa 10:27) ask Him to decree full liberation into all areas of your life.
  17. Celebrate and thank God for answered prayer

Rev. J.A Abegunde

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