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Summary of Youth Week Sermon Preached by Bro. Olanrewaju Peter

The living Faith

Hebrews 10:35-39

Living according to the English dictionary means having life (everyday existence)
Faith means a belief or conviction that something is true or real even without evidence

Hebrews 11 says something hoped for and evidence of unseen things
Faith can also be explained according to James 2:17 as an action taken based on conviction and understanding of God’s word.

Note : “Action” if an action is not taking Faith can be said to be dead

How then do we keep Faith Alive

1. Study the word of God 2nd Peter 2:2

2. Consistent prayer: declaring good things the Lord has said concerning your life Joshua 1: 8a

3. I have full confidence in Christ Hebrews 11:6b

4. Set hope on things on high colossians chapter 3vs 1-2

Classes of Faith

1. Immediate Faith exodus 14 Matt. 9v28-29

2. Short time Faith Genesis 17:10,14 Job 13:15

3. Long-term Faith as in the case of Noah Genesis 6and 7, the second coming of Jesus Hebrews 10:38 revelations 22:12 Paul was admonishing us ear that the coming of Jesus will be sooner than expected (Hebrews 10:35, msb) he said it won’t be long he is on his way he will show up most any minutes.

To anyone that has not given his life to Christ, it’s now the time because it will be so brutal I Christ comes back and meet you without him
But the scripture promised hope for his people and a safe place(God) Joel 3:15-16

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