Sunday, March 15th, 2020 Sermon Summary…

Topic: Spiritual Hunger
Text: Matthew 5:6
Preacher: Rev. J.A. Abegunde
Hymn: BH 321

Matthew chapter 5 formed 7 of Jesus’ declaration known as Beatitudes. He began His ministry with the inaugural lecture. Beatitudes speak of kingdom values, that those that are called His disciples should seek to have.

Matthew 5-7 were not taught to the general people but those that have chosen to follow Him (Disciples).

Hunger and Thirst for righteousness means strong desire. According to Matthew 5:6, craving for values, blessings, and righteousness. Hunger for righteousness/strong craving for God is one of the great values we should seek for. Psalm 42:1-2 speaks about craving for more of God (always thinking about His relationship with God).
What is Righteousness???
Righteousness is being in a right relationship with God (be right with God!)
Righteousness means to do that which is RIGHT.
There is a hunger that must control some of the hungers that you may have, because… It’s a hunger that will help you get other hungers right, and that is the HUNGER FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Righteousness does not only mean giving your life to Christ, it also means doing what is RIGHT! and you cannot be right with God without Christ.
Settle your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Right relationship with God will right every wrong…


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    Solomon Ayantunde says:

    I’m blessed by the sermon

  2. Reply
    Favour Oderinde says:

    The message is so catchy and sink straight into the heart. There’s no righteousness without Christ and standing right be4 God. May we not be found wanting in Jesus name. Amen!

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