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To bear testimony to people concerning Christ- Evangelism

And bring them to fellowship-Fellowship i.e. teaching and baptizing them

Developing them to maturity- Discipleship i.e. teaching the Bible and Doctrines

For the expression of their joy to God – Worship

Through acceptance service- Ministry i.e. making them to build the Body of Christ.

“To bear testimony to people concerning Christ and bring them to fellowship; Developing them to maturity for the expression of their Joy to God through acceptance Service.”


  1. To worship God regularly in the name of Jesus Christ,our personal saviour according to Baptist principles
  2. To encourage and practice Christian living everyday of our life and everywhere
  3. To organize, to encourage and maintain such church departments as Sunday school, Church Training programme, Men’s Missionary Union, Women Missionary, Youth Organization and their units for the Spirit of the Gospel and to encourage Christian’s fellowship.
  4. To co-operate with other Baptist Churches within the Baptist Association, the Baptist Conference and the Nigeria Baptist Convention

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