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WALKING IN THE REVELATION OF THE ULTIMATE NAME. Preached by Rev’d J. A. Abegunde (26/04/2020)

TEXT: Proverbs 18:10; Philippians 2:9-11


The word revelation means a disclosure or exposure. It speaks of the act of bringing into view or making known a surprising fact. Our God is a communicating divine Being. He reveals and communicates Himself: who He is and what He is up to in the lives and situations of His children. And what gives joy, peace, hope, confidence and sense of security to His children in difficult times and situations is the knowledge of what God has revealed about Himself concerning them. What God is to up to is embedded, revealed and communicated in His names particularly in the name or title given to His Son Jesus Christ following His resurrection which is an ultimate name.


Name is a potent thing both on the human level and on the divine level. As it relates to human being, name is more than a label that differentiates one person from another; it moulds the recipients. An example is Jacob’s name in the Bible. Name as it relates to God speaks of the character, nature and ability of God. Each of His names reveals an aspect of His character. Thus to understand God deeply one must study His names. The Bible is poised upon the revelation of divine name: God revealing His names. In the Old Testament, the patriarchs knew God by the revelation of His titles or names (Gen14:22; 16:13; 17:1). One of such is the name “Yahweh”. The formula by which the name Yahweh was revealed to Moses is “I am who I am” (Exod.3:14). The name indicates God who is ALIVE, PRESENT and ACTIVE. God is ever present in the affairs or situations of His children even when they seem not to realize. We therefore should not be deceived for whosoever reason to feel that God is not in our trying or difficult situation. He is alive, present and active in the pandemic currently ravaging the world. His presence shall soon be made known to us in victory and total eradication of COVID-19 in Jesus name.
The formula, “I am who I am” also expresses the fact that if anything has to be told that will be final in any situation in the lives of His children, He will tell it and when He pleases (Gen32:29; Judges13:17). Thus we should not panic over what any human being says about any challenge in our lives including the current pandemic. It is God who has the final say over matters that concern His children. The revelation enshrined in the name Yahweh revealed to Moses was opened up and confirmed in the Exodus event: the Passover and the Red sea events. God had the final say when He revealed Himself as God who saves His people according to the covenant promise already made with His children and overthrows those who oppose His words. Like God dealt with Pharaoh, COVID-19 shall also be overthrown for us and we shall have our peace at last in Jesus name.

The word ultimate means the greatest or the supreme. Paul in His effort to resolve the problem of disunity generated by selfishness and pride of some individuals in the Philippian church caught the revelation of a new name given to Jesus Christ following His resurrection. It is a superior name which in Greek is called “Kurios” and in English means Lord or Master-over-all.

A.The Pre-requisite for the Name(v.8):

The pre-requisite for the exalted name is the humility and self abasement of Jesus Christ to the point of submission to the death on the cross. It was an ignoble death which the Romans considered as the greatest shame and for the Jews, a curse. But because Jesus considered others (us) more significant than Himself, He submitted to the death. He submitted because He did not look to His own interest but the interest of others. He did not desire to dominate us but to save us. No person has ever come close to Christ’s humility and no one will. For instance, how many people are ready to give up their own legitimate rights for others like Christ did? Today, if the problems of the church, homes, and the world will be resolved we must be willing to emulate Christ’s humility.

B.The Result of His Humility(vs.9-10):

The result of His humility and ultimate sacrifice was exaltation. He was given a new title: Lord. It is a title of pre-eminence, maximum power and dominion over all. The extent of his dominion is unlimited (over heaven above, the earth and beneath it). About seven times, Paul in Colossians1:15-20 mentioned “all things” or “everything” to stress that Christ is supreme over all. This had been prophesied by Isaiah (45:22-23) that all shall bow and swear allegiance to Him. What a great God we have in Jesus Christ whose power is invincible and His name controls all including COVID-19 and all perceived enemies of our well-being.

God has made abundant provision for His children in the ultimate name and the provision covers all needs and challenges.

Provision of Security (Prov18:10): This proverb is for today when the world is threatened by many challenges such as selfishness, corruption, poverty and many others. The mother of them all is the pandemic that has shut down all aspects of human life. In all these things God is a tower of strength and security for His own children. Proverbs 18:10-11 identified and contrasted two types of security: the true strong tower and the refuge of wealth, the security of the righteous and the security of the people of the world. The security of the righteous is the name of God. They run into it and are not disappointed. The security of the men of the world or men of property is their wealth which may appear a fortification but a very insecure one. The name of the Lord which is the security of the righteous represents His power and majesty. According to John17:11, those who are of the Lord are kept in His name. The name of the Lord is our security at this difficult time globally.
Provision of Victory: There is the provision of victory for God’s children in His name: victory over sin, sickness, untimely death and deadly enemies. David is an example of a man who employed the name of the Lord and thereby defeated Goliath the enemy of God’s people ( 1 Sam.17:45).

Provision of Fellowship through Prayer:The revelation of God’s name gives liberty to fellowship with Him and to call on His name. All through the Scriptures the name of the Lord is the ground for prayer (Jn16:23-24). The name of Christ is the “YES” of God to all prayers (2Cor 2:20). If Gods makes a channel to fellowship with Him and to be blessed by Him we must not fail to employ it.
Provision of Knowing His Motive and Action: Allowing us to know His name, God is letting us into His motive and action. What He intends to do which are expressed or revealed by the meanings of His names.

Provision for Securing all Implied Blessings (Deut28:1-14): The name of the Lord summarizes all that He is in Himself and desires to give to His children. His name therefore is the provision for us to secure all the blessings He intends to offer us and that are implied in His word.

Note the following implications from the revelation of God’s name to us:
There must be personal commitment to Christ as Lord. We must trust in His name (Jn3:18)
We must employ the liberty given to us to pray and call on His name. We must intensify prayer for total eradication of COVID-19.
We must shun pride and emulate Christ’s humility, knowing that the way up is down as revealed in Christ humility and the attendant exaltation.

We must shun selfishness. Each of us must strive to look to the interest of others and not our own interest alone particularly at this time of difficulty in the land.-Phil.2:4.

We must pursue holiness. The name of God is described as holy in the Bible which demands that those who call in His name must strive to be holy. We must purify ourselves from everything that contaminates. (2Cor 7:1; 1Pet 1:15-16; Rom12:1-2).

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