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TEXT: Proverbs 32:27-28; Hebrews 11:23.
Today is Mother’s Day. It is a day set aside to celebrate the gift of motherhood. The first celebration was on May 10, 1908 in Philadelphia, United States of America by a lady called Ann Jarvis. The lady felt the need to celebrate her mother who had already passed on to glory. She shared the idea and called friends together to help her celebrate her mother. Today, motherhood is celebrated throughout the world wherever it is appreciated. Thus, it is a day to appreciate the mothers. Motherhood is not an easy job and those of them that are able to carry it out very well deserve to be celebrated. It is also a day of self appraisal for mothers on their God given assignment and to make amends where necessary. The day also affords the opportunity to advise the potential mothers towards becoming responsible mothers in the nearest future.
In doing justice to this important topic, the example of Jochebed , the mother of Moses will serve as our model. She was a mother at a very difficult time for Hebrew women in Egypt. Yet, Jochebed was physically, emotionally and spiritually sensitive to the good future of her child, Moses and by doing so preserved the destiny of the Hebrew race. The example of the virtuous mother in Proverbs 31 will also be considered. The last chapter of the book of Proverbs, particularly vv. 10-31 is an epilogue or appendix to the entire book. It closes the book of wisdom with a paean or praise song, celebrating and exalting the honor, strength and dignity of a mother. What is recorded there can be taken as a summary of the characteristics of a mother with an eagle eye. If a young woman is looking for a godly example, the passage is recommended to be read as a guide and the same thing for a young man who may be looking for a godly model wife. Married men can as well use it to pray for more grace for their wives.
Eagle is known to be a raptor and predator that subsists or preys on other birds or animals as food. There are many types of eagle across the globe and they are all high-fliers. Storms do not deter them, instead they turn any storm into an opportunity to soar and scale greater height. An eagle can fly and reach up to 10,000 feet in the sky. It can also swiftly land on the ground when it sees a prey. It has heavy head, large beak that is like a hook and needlelike sharp claws with which it can rip open the body of any prey. The strength associated with the eagle is responsible for the adoption of its picture as part of the insignia or logo of the military, symbolizing power and strength. One important lesson to learn from the eagle either as men or women is that eagles practice monogamy. A female eagle mates just one male eagle for life without changing spouse and they both use one nest each year. What a big lesson to learn from eagles! A woman with eagle’s eye therefore will not change husband or abandon her children for another man’s house. The same thing with men. Eagles are also known among all bird families for attentive nurture and care for the baby eagles.
Eagle’s eye to a great degree is powerful and the following two things are associated:
Keen Eyesight: – Eagle’s eye is known for long-sightedness symbolizing good vision. It travels far and the acuity can spot potential prey from a long distance. It is said to have eyesight that is estimated to be about 4-8 times stronger than that of human beings. It can spot a rodent about 3kms away or another eagle that is soaring about 5kms away. The excellent eyesight is attributed to her large pupil that ensures littlest scattering of an incoming light.
Keen Attention: – This speaks of sensitivity, carefulness and focus. Apart from its long-sightedness, it also has the ability to notice what happens around even the minute details. In addition to these attributes of its eye an eagle is known to be fearless and does not surrender to the size or strength of its prey. It will rather fight to win its prey. All these mentioned characteristics of the eagle’s eye are also required today for successful parenting among human beings either as a mother or father.
The examples of the mother of Moses and the excellent mother in the book of Proverbs shall be used. Exodus 2:1-4 contained details about Moses, thus we shall recourse to it.
Discernment (Heb. 11:23; Acts 7:20; Ex. 2:2):- Discernment speaks of the ability to see, detect and recognize with the eyes. The reference said that the parents of Moses “saw” that the child was fine and comely. The word fine or good looking here has deeper meaning than mere comeliness. It means that the mother of Moses saw that God had designed or appointed her child for something very great than what she could just allow to go into the drain. Similarly today, a mother with an eagle eye sees what other people cannot see about her children, husband and the future of her home and is never ready to take or allow any nonsense on it. A clear understanding of God’s plan for our homes will change our attitude towards parenting either as a mother or father even in the face of challenges. I therefore pray that God will give every parent the eye to see like the mother of Moses, the good things God has already designed for each child in the family. I also pray that God will give each child the eye to see the good future divinely charted and will not co-operate with the devil to destroy it.
Protection / Discipline (Ex. 2:2&4):- A mother with an eagle eye does not stop at discovering God’s plan for her children and family, she tries to protect what she sees or envisions. The text said the mother of Moses “hid” the child (v.2) and also set a watch over the child (v.4). In the same manner, a mother with an eagle eye today will protect her children and spouse from anything that can bring destruction upon them. This she can do through counseling against bad habits, etc. She also protects through the use of discipline and does not spare the rod when necessary. She also prays against spiritual attack.
Innovation and Creativity (Ex. 2:3):- Jochebed was very creative by making a special basket in which she put the baby to preserve him from drowning. A woman with an eagle eye is creative and both the children and husband are blessed by her creativity which sometimes helps to reduce expenses or prevent wastage in the home.
Sound Training / Intercession:- A mother with an eagle eye is a good teacher and intercessor. Though the Bible did not record it but one can be sure that the mother of Moses backed up what she saw in her child with sound teaching and strong prayer before releasing him to Pharaoh’s daughter. The spiritual training she gave within the short time the child was with her inculcated faith in Moses about the God of the Hebrews. This was reflected later when Moses gave up the kingdom / throne of Egypt to answer God’s summon to lead His people to the Promised Land. There is no doubt that after releasing the child Moses to Pharaoh’s daughter, the mother would continue to intercede for her child for the fulfillment of the good future she saw concerning the child. A wife with an eagle eye intercedes for both the child and the husband.
Hardworking and Supportive of Husband: – This is seen in a woman of virtue in Proverbs 31. She likes to work vv. 13, 14, 16, 18, and 24. She rendered assistance to her husband (v. 11-12, 23, 28-29). She enhanced the status of her husband in the gate of the city which was the center of the legal, commercial and social activities of the city. The time we are in now also calls for the co-operation of both parents to make any headway. It takes a woman with an eagle eye to co-operate with the husband towards the realization of God’s plan and purpose for the family.
Generousity (Prov. 31:20):-The woman in the text was not selfish but responded to the needs of the needy ones. She knew that the good things she does would come back to her and not necessarily from the people she supported but from God who compensates. A mother with an eagle eye is generous however not to the detriment of her family’s welfare. It takes an eagle eye to be good and to be charitable to others.
Takes risks and is Fearless:- A mother with an eagle eye takes risk and is fearless. She does not give in to Satan; like an eagle will fight to win she does not surrender to the devil over the affairs of her family.
Respect / Submission: – There lies the peace of the home. Good plans are made and carried out in an atmosphere of peace. The good future of a home is not sure where there is no peace between the husband and the wife. A mother with an eagle eye is a promoter of peace in the home.
The expected response to a good mother is paean or praise and accolades from left and right (father and children)-Prov. 31:28. Let us be sincere and practical in our appreciation of the mothers today which is their day. It will be wrong for a man to claim not to see anything good to appreciate in his wife; ditto the children.
Deep truth is expressed in verse 30 for the singles to note. Charm and beauty do not reveal the real person. The two can be appreciated but can be deceptive and fleeting. The real worth of a woman is in her devotion to God. How devoted is that lady or that man that you are running after? Does she love and fear God? Make sure you answer the questions correctly. All potential mothers should avoid a lifestyle that can mortgage their own chance of becoming mothers in the nearest future.
CONCLUSION: – The virtues mentioned in Proverbs 31:10-31 about a woman in the text are not meant only for women. They are traits that mark the life of a noble person (male or female). Everyone should desire to become a person of substance. Therefore, strive towards making those things mentioned as the defining characteristics of your life. The secret of it is the fear of God. It is the secret that grants understanding and wisdom that gives an eye that sees what other people may miss.

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